Friday, January 3, 2014

The artist John O'Driscoll

Wow, the year of the horse hasn't even started yet and I am feeling worn out.

Anyway, an age old, very talented friend John O'Driscoll has painted an extraordinary mural in Newtown, Sydney and, while it is not directly related to this blog, it is well worth promoting, as this is a shining example of the kind of media that we need more of.

Last Supper at the Newtown Mission


  1. Hi.
    I couldn't find a contact link.

    Do you know of any functioning heroin addicts wanting to tell their story for a TV doco?


  2. Although I think I get the gist of your request, it still makes me wonder - what's a non-functioning heroin addict? reminds me of the non-practising homosexuals the Catholic Church talks about