Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Richard Dawkins and apes

"Human beings are not like apes, we are not descended from apes. We are apes. Humans are closer cousins to chimpanzees than chimpanzees are to gorillas" - Richard Dawkins (2010)

Well you can count on good ol' Dickie Dawkins to not mince words and I think he's raising the bar just that little bit further here. And this blogger thanks him dearly for it.

Every time I take a shit, I'm reminded just how ape-like I really am. Every time my body bursts at the seams with sexual energy I recall images of frantically masturbating monkeys. Whenever I watch my brother-in-law shovel food into his mouth it becomes clear what we are.

Douglas Adams wrote of adults as mere 'houses' for the child that is really at the heart of us. From the guy who has nodded off across the train from me to the heavily made-up ladies that handle reception at work, the kid that everyone really is stands out like 'dog's balls' if you just look in the right way. It's all preparation for the eventual full circle that we come - as elderly folk don't we end up having the toilet issues, required care, conversations with strangers and tantrums that defined our 'babyhood'?

As big children, our 'apeness' becomes so clear. Eat, shit, sleep and play - we need nothing more. If you still don't believe me, go stand in a circle with a group of men nursing beverages and just observe. Maybe start a trend of picking at people's skin for insects or dirt and, like Richard Dawkins, do your bit to push the envelope.