Monday, April 30, 2012

M. Scott Peck

In contrast to the fictional underpinnings of the last post, M. Scott Peck's definition of 'evil' has more in common with the very real drug war, as well as the sectors that simultaneously feed off/support it, than many of his fans might realize. Does it remind you of anyone you know?:

According to Peck, an 'evil' person:

Is consistently self deceiving, with the intent of avoiding guilt and maintaining a self image of perfection.
Deceives others as a consequence of their own self deception.
Projects his or her evils and sins onto very specific targets (scapegoats) while being apparently normal with everyone else.

Commonly hates with the pretense of love, for the purposes of self deception as much as deception of others.
Abuses political (emotional) power ("the imposition of one's will upon others by overt or covert coercion").
Maintains a high level of respectability, and lies incessantly in order to do so.
Is consistent in his or her sins. Evil persons are characterized not so much by the magnitude of their sins, but by their consistency (of destructiveness).
Is unable to think from the viewpoint of their victim (scapegoat).
Has a covert intolerance to criticism and other forms of narcissistic injury.

Most evil people realize the evil deep within themselves but are unable to tolerate the pain of introspection or admit to themselves that they are evil. Thus, they constantly run away from their evil by putting themselves in a position of moral superiority and putting the focus of evil on others. Evil is an extreme form of what Scott Peck, in The Road Less Traveled, calls a character disorder.

***Peck also stated that these people are rarely seen by psychiatrists and have never been treated successfully when treatment is initiated. Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just a little excerpt...

...from one of my all-time favourite writers, Tom Robbins, whose Jitterbug Perfume I am currently engaged by:

" organism steeped in pleasure is an organism disposed to continue...the will to live cannot be overestimated as a stimulant to longevity...ninety percent of all deaths are suicides. Persons...who lack curiosity about life, who find minimal joy in existence, are all too willing, subconsciously, to cooperate with - and attract - disease, accident, violence."
                                                                                   -  Jitterbug Perfume (1984)

Of course, this is not to promote simplistic hedonism or pleasure at the expense of others, or to suggest that longevity in such matters is important... but hopefully, you already know this.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Monkeys, Banana, Stairs, Water

Thanks to David Thorne, I can post this amusing and entirely reasonable segment of writing that has a two-fold implication for the drug sector - firstly, on a macro level, it is a fitting analogy for the innumerable bastions of mediocrity that seem intent on thinking less and regurgitating more; and on a micro level, I think we can apply this quite readily to the poorly-managed, uninspiring and co-opted work places in the sector, filled with delusional morons who ultimately have no passion for their work unless it fuels their ego or bank balance. 

For the moment, though, I think matters are best left to Thorne and your hopefully inspired thoughtfulness: 
I once read about five monkeys that were placed in a room with a banana at the top of a set of stairs. As one monkey attempted to climb the stairs, all of the monkeys were sprayed with jets of cold water. A second monkey made an attempt and again the monkeys were sprayed. No more monkeys attempted to climb the stairs. One of the monkeys was then removed from the room and replaced with a new monkey. New monkey saw the banana and started to climb the stairs but to its surprise, it was attacked by the other monkeys. Another of the original monkeys was replaced and the newcomer was also attacked when he attempted to climb the stairs. The previous newcomer took part in the punishment with enthusiasm. Replacing a third original monkey with a new one, it headed for the stairs and was attacked as well. Half of the monkeys that attacked him had no idea why. After replacing the fourth and fifth original monkeys, none had ever been sprayed with cold water but all stayed the fuck away from the stairs. 

Being here longer than me doesn't automatically make your adherence to a rule, or the rule itself, right. It makes you the fifth replacement monkey. The one with the weird red arse and the first to point and screech when anyone approaches the stairs. I would be the sixth monkey, at home in bed trying to come up with a viable excuse not to spend another fruitless day locked in a room with five neurotic monkeys.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Since 1996???

So it really seems like the magazine entitled Modern Drunkard is approaching its platinum jubilee. Well, with a motto like "STANDING UP FOR YOUR RIGHT TO GET FALLING DOWN DRUNK SINCE 1996" and offerings such as 'Drunk of the Issue' and membership to the 'Blackout Brigade', it shouldn't be that much of a surprise.

However, I still can't find the blurb that explains that they produce a publication that celebrates self-indulgent drug use and/or dependence... It's not a big deal, it is just that I am currently designing my own babel-style software that translates delusional data on the interweb. For example, if processed through my program, the aforementioned motto would read: "WE ARE SO BRAIN-DAMAGED FROM OUR WILD DRUGGING THAT WE CAN'T ACTUALLY COMPREHEND THAT WE ARE GLORIFYING AND CELEBRATING THE DANGEROUS USE OF A VERY HARMFUL DRUG THAT CAUSES MORE PROBLEMS THAN A DRUG SHOULD EVER DO (NOT TO MENTION THE BLATANT LACK OF INSIGHT THAT THOSE ADDICTED TO ALCOHOL TOO OFTEN DISPLAY) SINCE 1996".

Ahh, maybe I'm the delusional one here - see what you think: Modern Drunkard Magazine.  

Friday, April 6, 2012

Top 5 Ignorant and Misguided Comments by Individuals Working in the Field of Drugs

1. Drug users in the First World should just shut up because there are those in other countries who can't even get on drug treatment.

2. Actually, drug users have got it pretty good here.

3. I smoke these cigarettes because I enjoy them.

4. Most people grow up and learn to stop taking drugs.

5. If we only had a better society, people would just stop.

(Interestingly, these are most often delivered by individuals who, when genuinely engaged on the topic, know very little about drugs and, if the truth be known, "just want to get to Bali again this year").

***Rest assured that this is merely a brief interlude - this blog will return to its articulated purpose in due course.