Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tha Doggfather?

We must admit that Snoop Dogg has never been a 'go-to' kinda person when it comes to musing on the appalling state of the drug war and what can be done about it. And even though an adoption of the 'Doggy Style' that Snoop has waxed so lyrical about would win the anti-Prohibition movement more fans than it would know what to do with, the word that was going around not so long ago was that he is now more about the "gin and juice" than the 'blazing' of his more formative years. Anyhow, a close friend stumbled upon this excerpt from his magnum opus yesterday, and this blog seemed like, far and away, the best place on the interweb to reproduce it...
"Experts will tell you that the War on Drugs will only be won when we lock up all the dealers, or get tough with all the users, or build a 12-foot wall between us and the motherfuckers on the other side of the border. I don't know about any of that shit, but I can tell you this, from first-hand experience: this war everyone is supposed to be fighting won't be over until someone invents a cure for getting high. You take away all the cocaine, fools will still be smoking Indo; you take away all the Indo, they'll be drinking; you bring back Prohibition and they'll start sniffing glue. Let's face it: getting faded is a basic human drive, like food and water and sex and sleep. It's never been about some kind of so-called socio-economic disadvantage. You can't educate people into staying straight. There's no percentage in trying to scare people away from whatever it is that scratches that particular itch... you can't explain that away, or pass a law against it, or try to convince anyone to just say no. For most motherfuckers that's like trying to say no to air. And there's no-one alive who can hold their breath for that long."